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Calling NYM Playwrights for Madlab

CALLING ALL PLAYWRIGHTS! Don’t Forget the MadLab Deadline! 

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This spring, we are having our inaugural MadLab — a week-long festival of readings of full lengths, one acts, and screening short films that grew out of Madness plays written by you.

Our submission window opens on February 1st and closes on February 28th.

We are accepting Full Length, One Act, and Short Film submissions.  Full lengths: 1-2 hrs long.  One acts: 25-45 min long. Short films: under 20 min long.

To submit please send: A PDF of your full length/one act  or a link to your short film that grew out of a Madness play  during the submission window to

For the selected plays, the New York Madness Acting Company (NYMAC) and New York MadnessDirectors Company (NYMDC) will be given priority in casting and director assignments.


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