1) What does theater mean to you?

GP: Theater is the temporary autonomous zone. The chance to create what has never been and will never be again.  It has been, is,  and will always be, despite the rumors of its demise. It’s what everybody needs more of.

2) What have you learned from participating in MADNESS?

GP: What Madness has taught me is to be bold and write about what excites me. With Madness, playing safe won’t save you. It’s like being forced to jump off a cliff: you might as well scream and flail and attempt a flip or two on the way down, because it’s more fun that way and more entertaining to watch.

3) What’s next for you?

GP: I  have several things in submission, as well as a toy theatre musical that I wrote and my wife composed called The Amazing True Adventures of Buckbean Bushytail  that we are going to remount this winter at The Cosmic Bicycle in Brooklyn.  Stay tuned!!!

Plus my sons want me to build them a haunted house.

The second season of New York Madness kicks off October 11th at 8:00 pm at INTAR (500 West 52nd St., 4th Floor at 10th Avenue).  Cheryl L. Davis is our Guest Artistic Producing Playwright.  Join us!

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